120606 Siwon comes to Taiwan for another long stay, sends gift with note written in Chinese to Jessie Chiang

Last year, Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae had a 4-month long stay in Taiwan in order to film GTV’s drama Skip Beat. Never leaving Taiwan far from his mind, Siwon, who has been filming a drama called “Turn Around and Say I Love You” with Jessie Chiang (Jiang Yuchen) and Chinese star Wang Luodan in Shenzhen recently, secretly arrived at the Kaohsiung International Airport at 6pm on the 5th (of June) in order to film at Kenting in Southern Taiwan, and has plans for a long stay until the end of the month. Jessie Chiang said that she would play the role of the host well.

Filming important scenes by the sea

Although the drama team was extremely secretive (about Siwon’s arrival), there were still close to 100 fans who came to the airport yesterday. Jessie Chiang revealed that because Siwon is too famous, there would be a large number of fans following him around no matter where he goes. She felt a great deal of pressure when she had first started to work with him, and did not have the courage to joke around with him. However, Siwon possesses a friendly and adorable personality, and gave her his newest CD when he met her for the first time, even writing “To Yuchen” on the album in Chinese, causing her to be extremely moved. During the filming process, Siwon would take good care of others, and the both of them would frequently use a mixture of Chinese and English to converse with each other. (She praised that) “There’s a reason why he’s so popular!”

The dream of the character played by Siwon is to sail around the world, so a great number of important scenes are set at the seaside. Most of the scenes which he would play opposite Jessie Chiang will be filmed at Kenting and various other places in Taiwan. The drama team has been filming in Shenzhen for several months, and Jessie would often talk about her homesickness and how she misses various Taiwanese night market delicacies on Weibo. She was extremely happy to be able to return to Taiwan for the filming, and especially because of her adoration for the sun and the beach, she has been promoting to Siwon and the other actors from China about the interesting things in Kenting recently.

(irrelevant parts omitted)

Source: China Times (via Yahoo! Taiwan)
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with full and no additional credits.

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