Super Junior Held 3 Successful Super Show 4 Concerts in Indonesia – From 120508

2012 is a special year for Indonesian ELF not only because Super Junior presented its amazing Super Show 4 in the country but also because it was the first time a band presented 3 shows in a row at the MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium), Jakarta, Indonesia.

After selling all the tickets for the first 2 shows and opening a 3rd date, Super Junior started its amazing adventure with Indonesian ELFs for this spectacular and unforgettable show.

The euphoria of the 3 dates of the Super Show 4 in Indonesia that were hold on April 27th, 28th and 29th will forever last on the hearts of Indonesian ELF.

Since the first day of Super Show 4 Indonesia, Ancol had been filled by ELF.
The high anticipation crowd of ELF who wanted to see their idols was very noticeable. 12 shuttle buses that had been picking up ELF from bus station to the venue inside Ancol had started their work since early morning. Some fans chose to stay in hotels inside Ancol for easier access to the venue. ELF from outside Jakarta and Indonesia gathered in one big hall and created a sapphire blue ocean in minutes.

Super Junior kicked off the concert with “Superman” and interacted with fans who were not only in Super Box but also all around the stage, even with fans on second and third floor. They were so hyperactive running all around the stage and greeted fans as they passed by.

The Super Show 4 also included a walking stage and water fountain to make the performance livelier. Super Junior also used some VCRs playing while they were changing costumes. And not to forget the theme of each section was supported by their great costumes.

After the first solo performances, a VCR played with a story of high school friendship. Super Junior appeared and pretended to perform as a band, to continue the story that they have graduated and succeeded in their own ways. Siwon appeared in Superman costume, Leeteuk as Hulk, Yesung in his Chucky costume, Sungmin appeared as a sexy Marilyn Monroe, Donghae as Charlie Chaplin, Kyuhyun was the new Steve Jobs, Ryeowook in a Gollum costume, Eunhyuk appeared in chicken costume, and finally Britney Spears that was played by Shindong. They even used a piece from the classic musical film “The Sound of Music” as their theme song for the parody named “The Sound of Super Junior” where each of them played role in “The Sound of Music”, Siwon as Captain Von Trapp, and Shindong as Maria, and the rest members as their kids.

When EXO-M performed, there was no black ocean like rumored before. ELF even sang along and some raised EXO banners. EXO-M showed off a quite impressive performance as Super Junior’s junior. They went on stage and performed “MAMA” and “History”.

Once “Our Love” started playing, ELF raised One Love hand-banner at the same time and sang along the song with Super Junior. Siwon gave thumbs up to ELF for the project.

Super Junior members did quite a great job in Bahasa Indonesia too. They had some interaction with ELF in Bahasa too. Shindong kept saying “Hatur Nuhun” which means thank you in Sundanese. And Leeteuk said, “saya mencintai Indonesia gadis” (he meant to say that he loves Indonesian girls). Shindong also did a solo dance to Indonesian song by Vidi Aldiano, “Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi” (Love, Please Don’t Go).

The concert wrapped up with an encore performance while the Super Junior members played around the stage. Siwon had to take off his shirt and show his chocolate abs after losing to Leeteuk in a “rock, scissor, paper” game during the encore. He even posed sexily near the fountain and ended up getting wet looking even hotter.

As a closing of the day, they thanked everyone present including fans, dancers and the crew who helped make the show turn into a reality. The leader of EXO-M, Kris, also added his greeting and introduced EXO-M to everyone in MEIS.

Song List:
1. Superman
2. Opera
3. A Man in Love
4. Bonamana
5. You’re My Endless Love
6. Wonder Boys
7. Rokkugo
8. Walkin’
10. Say My Name (Eunhyuk solo)
11. Isn’t She Lovely (Kyuhyun solo + playing harmonica)
12. Moves Like Jagger (Ryeowook solo)
13. She (Leeteuk solo + playing saxophone and piano)
14. Cinta Jangan kau Pergi (Shindong solo dance)
15. Good Friends
16. Pajama Party
17. Feels Good
18. A-Cha!
19. Mr. Simple
20. Don’t Don
21. EXO-M – History
22. One in A Million (Sungmin solo)
23. For One Day (Yesung solo)
24. Oppa Oppa (Eunhyuk + Donghae)
25. Storm
26. You and I
27. Lovely Day
28. Our Love
29. Do Re Mi
30. Dancing Out

31. Sorry Sorry
32. Miracle
33. Destiny

(Note: Ancol is a famous resort beach in Jakarta, it contains hotels, cottages, beaches, a theme park, traditional market places, an oceanarium, a golf field, marina, and mall.

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