January 11, 2012.

The day we won 4 awards for 26th Golden Disk Awards. Popularity, MSN Japan, Disk Bonsang and Disk Daesang. Finally! Once again it’s on our hands. I still remember how awfully sad I was last year when we didn’t get the award. I can still clearly remember how I cried my eyes out when the award slipped from our hands. But this year, has became our year. No words can express how proud I am to our boys and to our fandom. Without Super Junior, ELF would not exist. And without ELF, Super Junior would not have gone this far. Yes, I am happy. I should be happy. Because we made it. We were able to give them the award they wanted before Leader enters the army.   This is the award that I want them to have before Leeteuk go. Or should I say, we want them to have.

You deserve the awards my loves. You deserve it more that anybody would. Maybe yes, the other group work just as hard as Super Junior does. Yes, there are groups that can sing and dance better than Super Junior. But do you know what makes Super Junior different from the others? It’s the love that they have for their fan. It’s just too different. And even though they’ve been through a lot of challenges. They’re still standing strong and sending us their smiles just not to make their fans worry. How could you not love these angels? How could you not fall for them? The amount of care and love that they have for us is just unbelievable. The amount of “thank you” that they give us every single day is enough to make you drown.

Hey guys, where can you ever find idol who treat their fans an Ice cream and Starbucks? Where can you ever find idol taking a picture of their fans and posting it on their accounts, writing how amazing their fans are? Where can you ever find idol performing and giving out their best even though they’re sick? Where can you ever find idol waving from their hotel rooms just to show how much they appreciate the fans that are waiting for them outside? Where can you ever find idol bowing 90 degrees in front of their fans just to show how thankful they are? Where can you ever find an idol thanking their fans always like there’s no tomorrow?

They always remember us, they always remember ELF.

They’re amazing, too amazing to be true.

So why am I an ELF? Why am I still here?

Because it’s all worth it. It doesn’t matter how many lunch breaks that I endured myself from eating just to save money. It does’t matter how many criticism that I get from others just because I am so much in love with these guys. It doesn’t matter. I can say that it’s all worth it just from seeing your smiles.

Being there fan for 1 year and 7 months. I did not once feel that I am just a fan. It’s because they let us feel that we’re more than just their fans. Because they’re the ones who said who we truly are, their Everlasting Friend.

Now my loves, Fly higher and higher until no one can reach even the tip of your toe. We’re on the top of our mountain and there are still lots of mountains that we need to climb. So shall we continue and walk our journey to forever? Shall we climb every mountains that we’ll see together and not gonna let anyone of us fall? Yes, we will. With the love that we have within ourselves.

I’ll love and protect you, forever.

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